975 million reasons to contribute to DCEDC

Through the synergy, support, and loyalty of its members and partner, DCEDC has been able to successfully attract record-breaking new business investments from phenomenal companies like Facebook, Ferrara Candy, and Syngenta, despite the challenges of the global pandemic during the last year.  Investment of $975 million in the construction of over 3 million square feet of buildings began in 2020. Projects included the hyper-scale Facebook data center campus and the Ferrara Candy Company packaging and distribution complex in DeKalb, and the Syngenta agricultural research and development center in Malta. These projects will diversify our economy by adding innovative and fast-growing sectors to our business community. DCEDC also contributed and was an important co-partner in DeKalb County UNITES, a grass-root movement created to assist DeKalb County small businesses during the onset of COVID.  DCEDC was fortunate to co-partner on this important initiative with Northern Illinois University.

This year, to leverage the recent successes, we are pleased to introduce the Opportunity Unbound branding and communications program, designed to promote DeKalb County around the world to accelerate business development, job creation, and talent attraction. To learn more about Opportunity Unbound, view the Sneak Peek video below. We welcome your observations and questions about this important initiative. Call Paul Borek, DCEDC executive director, at borek@dcedc.org or 815-895-2711 with your feedback.

With our community members and partners, DCEDC is aware of all that DeKalb County has to offer, and it is time that we tell this story. We are committed to building for the future alongside our local businesses, institutions, and governmental bodies. DCEDC respectfully requests new and current members to be generous in supporting its annual operating campaign. We invite new businesses and others to invest in DCEDC for the first time. To contribute to DCEDC, visit https://dcedc.org/membership-registration/ or contact Karen Hoyle at hoyle@dcedc.org or 815-895-2711.

DCEDC thanks all its members and partners for their long-time support.  We celebrate the recent transformational success in economic development with everyone in DeKalb County and appreciate your contribution to an even greater quality of life.

View the Sneak Peek video about Opportunity Unbound

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