Agriculture Industry Event & Tour @ Monsanto

Join us on Wednesday, August 16th, 2017, at the Monsanto Research facility located at 8350 Minnegan Road, Waterman, IL.  The Monsanto Team will share information with us about today’s research processes, production methods and high level technology applications that are being applied in today’s Agriculture Industry.  DeKalb County Economic Development Corporation is a proud supporter of the Agriculture Industry, and proud to offer this quality event.  Check-In will take place at 10:30 AM.  Lunch will served from 11:00-11:30 AM.  Presentations will begin after lunch, and the event will close with a guided tour.  Safety glasses will be issued and closed toe shoes will be required in order to take the tour.

Northern Illinois, particularly the DeKalb area, has been an incubator of transformational agricultural innovation for over 175 years, according to the DeKalb Area Agricultural Heritage Association (DAAHA).

Examples of innovations from this region are numerous: John Deere’s steel plow; the Marsh harvester; Gurler’s pure milk; barbed wire; one of the nation’s first farm bureaus; hybrid corn, poultry and swine; and, more recently, the yield monitor found on modern combines.

The region’s highly productive soils and exceptional infrastructure have attracted and sustained its top-notch farmers, as well as many agriculture and food-related businesses. So much so that it is no stretch to say that “Agriculture IS DeKalb County” and that this region is a “Silicon Valley” of agricultural innovation, according to DAAHA Advisory Board member Larry Mix.

Troy Dukes, Monsanto Production Manager, will discuss production methods and quality assurance technologies that are used in agriculture today. Renee Nowak, from the Monsanto Seed Technology Center, will enlighten attendees on the over 300,000 quality tests, conducted each year at the seed lab to ensure that products meet farmers’ expectations.  John Hardin from the Monsanto Research Center, will provide an overview of the research operations that enable modern hybrid corn development. The event will conclude with guided tours through the Entomology, Pathology and Breeding Departments at the Research Facility.

From the development of elite plant genetics, to the design and manufacture of agricultural equipment, to producing high quality food products and efficiently distributing them across the nation, the DeKalb County region excels! Through its local seed research, production, and seed technology operations, Monsanto is an integral part of this region’s agricultural economy.

Advanced Reservations will be taken through July 31st, 2017.  Standard Reservations will be accepted August 1st, 2017-August 11th, 2017.

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Thank you, Monsanto, for participating in this Summer Event!