On Thursday April 28th, over 240 guests enjoyed a wonderful evening celebrating 35 years of economic success for DeKalb County.

The evening started with a networking and cocktail reception, and a book signing by Keynote presenter, Nicole Martin, Founder HR Boost.

The event continued with a plated dinner deliciously prepared by Faranda’s Banquet Center, DeKalb, IL.

DCEDC Executive Director Paul Borek provided a compelling update on recent economic activity, while the Opportunity Unbound team members provided an interactive session about the DeKalb County initiative that DCEDC is administrating.

Following, Nicole Martin provided an upbeat presentation about employment issues and how to improve leadership skills.

In closing, original and active board member Doug Dashner gave the champagne toast to recognize the work of the organization, and how planning of DCEDC actually began 37 years ago with notable DeKalb County representatives.

Links to the Daily Chronicle can be found here Daily Chronicle April 29 2022   Annual Dinner Images by Katherine McLaughlin Photography

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The DeKalb County Economic Development Corporation is celebrating its 35th year in business.  Plans will be soon underway for an Annual Dinner on Thursday, April 28th at Faranda’s  Banquet Center.

Please stay tuned for the official launch.  This will be a member-sponsored event.


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The ROE is planning their 3rd Annual Kindergarten Readiness Community Forum that will feature an overview of the community-based planning for childcare expansion project (CBP).  It will be held on Jan 27, 5:30 – 7 pm via Zoom.  Registration and meeting details are attached.  I’ll send more details to Karen for DCEDC wide distribution.

KRF (8.5 x 11 in)

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Hello and Happy Holidays!

It’s been quite a year for us all, and we can’t thank you enough for the partnership. From creating economic growth to expanding education, this year was filled with many inspiring moments and we’re just getting started.

As we all know, DeKalb County is home to some incredible people (yes, you!), but what we accomplish together is even more remarkable.

We’ve collected some of our favorite 2021 community moments here, or you can learn more about all our work together in the attached year-end letter – I’d encourage you to check both out! And of course, our Facebook page is always a great way to stay updated.

Thank you again for a great year. We are proud to be your partner and to call DeKalb, and the State of Illinois, home.  Letter DeKalb_FNL_WEB

To 2022!

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DeKalb County, IL is rich in Agriculture Heritage.  Check out the recent news from farmers, to learn about the Harvest Heroes, the Man behind the Mural, and the DeKalb County Farm Bureau Foundation’s 35th Anniversary.

DCEDC sincerely appreciates the work of the DeKalb County Farm Bureau and the farmers for their dedication in providing everyone with essentials.  When you see a farmer, thank them!

To read the November issue of Connections, please click on this link.  DeKalb County Farm Bureau Cultivate Connections November-for-Web-1



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For Immediate Release:

Kish College instructor Janet Gallagher named as a float judge for Rose Parade


Janet Gallagher, AIFD and Associate Professor of Horticulture at Kishwaukee College, was announced as one of three float judges for the 133rd Rose Parade at the Pasadena Tournament of Roses.

The Rose Parade, along with the annual Rose Bowl football game, is part of the annual Tournament of Roses celebration on New Year’s Day. This will be Gallagher’s first year in attendance, and she said her selection as a judge came as a surprise.

In February 2020, a representative from the Tournament of Roses reached out to Gallagher to ask if she would be interested in being a judge for the Rose Parade. Gallagher said a committee does independent fact-finding to explore potential candidates for the judge positions.

“You can’t apply. You aren’t nominated. There is a search committee that researches and selects candidates,” Gallagher said. “It’s humbling. How do they find an instructor from little Malta, Ill.?”

Gallagher’s lengthy credentials in floral design helped her stand out. As an instructor at Kish, Gallagher educates her students with real-world demonstrations of the floral industry. Through hands-on application, her students create unique floral arrangements that often support local events like the annual Kishwaukee College Foundation Gala. Under her tutelage, Kish students have received national recognition through events like the American Institute of Floral Design (AIFD) National Symposium.

Along with being a horticulture instructor at Kish for 16 years, Gallagher has been actively involved in the floral industry for 34 years. In the private sector, Gallagher is the founder and CEO of Designs by Janet — a special events floral company. She has been a member of the AIFD for 18 years, where she has served as both the National Education Chair and the National Student Chapter chair.

Floral displays created by Gallagher have appeared in various high-profile places and events throughout her career, from the Ellwood House in DeKalb to the White House in Washington D.C. Her selection as a judge for the Rose Parade reinforces the extensive opportunities available to students pursuing horticulture as a career, Gallagher said.

“I am really honored to be selected. It shows how broad this industry is, and if you stay consistent and involved in your profession, it can really pay off,” Gallagher said. “Our everyday things can seem very ordinary. But if you do them well and go that extra mile, you can turn it into something extraordinary.”

The 133rd Rose Parade will begin at 10 am Central time on Saturday, Jan. 1, 2022, and will be broadcast internationally. This year’s parade theme of “Dream. Believe. Achieve.” focuses on how education can open doors and change lives. Gallagher said her background in floral design and education made her a strong fit as a judge with this year’s theme.

Gallagher joins J. Keith White, AIFD designer and instructor at the Houston School of Flowers, and John Piper, former Vice President of the Macy’s Parade Studio, on this year’s list of float judges. The three judges will grant 24 float awards based on three categories: Float Design, Floral Presentation, and Entertainment Value.

Kishwaukee College’s horticulture program offers a variety of specialties, including floral design, greenhouse, landscape design, nursery, and cannabis and hemp cultivation. To learn more about horticulture at Kish, visit www.kish.edu/horticulture.



Photo Caption: Janet Gallagher, Associate Professor of Horticulture at Kishwaukee College, was selected as one of three float judges for the Rose Parade during the Pasadena Tournament of Roses on New Year’s Day.

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Whether you’re a life-long resident of DeKalb or new to the area, the Transit Resource Guide can help you locate and find transportation to medical facilities, grocery stores, government agencies, child care facilities, schools, and even areas of employment, all in one centralized location.  With over 50 different business and organization locations and information available, the Transit Resource Guide is the perfect document to make your trip easier and quicker.

To view the Transit resource guide, please visit the City of DeKalb’s public transit site to learn more.  Public Transportation Information Here

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