Speaker: Marcus Cox, Transit Manager for City of DeKalb

A good news for the daily commuters and students going to Chicago!

Starting October 7th, there will be more daily routes between the Elburn Train Station and DeKalb. Watch to understand when and how you can find these expanded routes.


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Speaker: Dr. Jock Sommese, Waubonsee SBDC

The Deadline to enroll your employees into a retirement program is quickly approaching. Watch as Dr. Sommese explains exactly what is required of your business, and deadlines associated with each task.

Check out the “In the Loop” videos to learn more about the local news.


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On Oct. 4th, National Manufacturing Day, a group of area high-school students, ranging from freshmen to seniors, toured the manufacturing floors of Auto Meter Productions Inc., IDEAL INDUSTRIES INC., Skandia Inc., Clark Dietrich Building Systems, Sycamore Precision, 3M DeKalb Distribution, AutoMeter Products, Inc., Upstaging, Inc., and Cresswood Shredding Machinery.  Career Technologies programs of Kishwaukee College culminated the tour. This is the DeKalb-Ogle Workforce Development Consortium’s (DOWDC)  seventh annual Heavy Metal Tour.  DCEDC/DeKalb County Economic Development Corporation is the administrator of this essential program.

Gene Fogle, DOWDC’s Industrial Workforce Development Coordinator, has organized manufacturing tours for 117 students from Sycamore, DeKalb, Rochelle, Genoa-Kingston and Hiawatha high schools, as well as the Kishwaukee Education Consortium. Students were taken through the plants to see first-hand the types of careers they could pursue after graduation.  “What I want students to do is to see the different vocations that are available to them in DeKalb County,” he said, “and be aware of the decisions they make in high school.”

Mary Grimes, a counselor at Sycamore, said many people, including herself, might not be aware of local opportunities.

“The idea is to understand that there are career opportunities that don’t require you to have a four-year degree right away,” Grimes said. “And that you can work your way up from an entry-level job to moving up to something more still, which is supported by the businesses because they want to support local people.”

DCEDC thanks all the partners and people who supported this tour.  Besides the companies and organizations mentioned in the above, they also include WALT LTD Tooling, NAPA Auto Parts of DeKalb and Vicki Fogle.  Thanks also to Dave Toney and Shaw Media/Daily Chronicle for the photos.

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The sophomores at DeKalb, Genoa-Kingston, Hiawatha, Indian Creek, Rochelle and Sycamore high schools can start taking college-level courses for more than 50 credit hours. Within 3 years after they graduate from high schools, they can earn both an associate and a bachelor’s degree at Kishwaukee College and Northern Illinois University, thanks to a program dubbed “2 Degrees in 3 Years”.

The program is a collaborative effort between Kishwaukee, Northern Illinois University and area school districts, with 650 students participating so far. Laurie Borowicz, president of Kishwaukee College, said the accelerated study program specifically encourages local high school students to pursue higher education close to home.

Jamie Craven, superintendent at DeKalb-based District 428, said, “We’re giving students the opportunity in a protected cocoon, if you will, to attempt that college work while they’re in high school.” “It’s important that we continue to work together to keep local talent local because a vibrant future for DeKalb County depends on our ability to attract and retain educated young adults who seek to raise their families and start their professional lives here,” said Lisa Freeman, president of NIU.


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Is your office space using more energy than necessary? In the interactive webinar on Tuesday, Oct. 29, from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM, ComEd® will show you how to save money and energy with incentives and free technical assistance from Energy Efficiency Program.

You can take advantage of the financial incentives offered to both tenants and building owners for energy efficiency upgrades within office suites. The webinar will cover how to plan for change in tenant suites regardless if the space is occupied or not, and how to incorporate incentives into tenant improvement negotiations. It’ll show you how to demonstrate the occupant comfort benefits of energy efficiency, as well as how to build a business case for energy efficiency upgrades.

The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program is funded in compliance with state law.


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DCEDC’s pivotal partner and one of the top employers in DeKalb County, Northwestern Medicine has been dedicated to advancing the health care services in the county. Oct 1st witnessed one of their important achievements in the area—-the opening of the $4.2 million Breast Health Center.

The 6,000 square-foot facility was completed after four months of construction and is located inside the hospital near the main entrance. The facility will help women in the county have access to more breast health technology in a more comfortable and private atmosphere.

Among the technology in the center are 3D mammogram machines and tools for whole breast ultrasound imaging, stereotactic biopsies and measuring bone density. All the tools help provide doctors with a clearer scan of the breast, which can help with early detection and subsequent treatment options or for preventative measures.

In August, Gov. JB Pritzker visited the site of the breast health center and signed a new law that will allow diagnostic mammograms to be covered by insurance, which lawmakers hope will encourage more women to get regular screenings without fear of not being able to afford follow-up tests.

“I think our job as caretakers is just really to be able to give those women all of the information they really need so that they’re not making the choice on fear alone,” Dr. Nitzet Velez said.

DCEDC and our Board of Directors appreciate the significant investments Northwestern Medicine continues to make in DeKalb County.


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Speaker: Jeff Keicher, State Representative

Illinois has passed recreational marijuana laws that will take act on January 1st, 2020. Watch to understand how these laws will effect your local business.

Check out the video to learn about your community and the latest news!


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Northern Illinois University has been a major academic leader in the region. On Wednesday, October 16, NIU will hold its All-Majors Internship and Job Fair for students from all majors to connect with employers for internships and full-time positions. It’s an important source for over 200 employers to find and hire new talents.

The Internship and Job Fair is open to undergraduates, graduating seniors, graduate students, alumni, and non-NIU candidates from all majors. From 10 am to 3 pm, the Convocation Center will be the arena for job seeking, talent recruiting, career networking and friendship exchange.

In order to better prepare the candidates for the opportunity, NIU will also host a Career Fair Prep Workshop on Tuesday, Oct. 8th, from 5 pm to 7 pm, at the Capitol Room of Holmes Student Center.

Welcome to the NIU Internship and Job Fair and start the path to career successes!


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Northern Illinois University, DeKalb County’s largest employer and strategic partner, providing significant investment to DeKalb County economy for more than 100 years.

One of many NIU initiatives is Building Pathways to Diverse Partnerships. The Diverse Vendor Networking Fair will be held on Wednesday, October 16th, from 9 am to 2 pm in the Ballroom of the Holmes Student Center.

This event provides wonderful networking opportunities with NIU departments and divisions, other Illinois public universities and community colleges and prime vendors. The event is free and open to the public.

During the event, business owners can:
• Showcase your services and products directly to buyers and state higher education procurement representatives.
• Learn about the benefits and steps to becoming certificated as a small or diverse-owned business.
• Get assistance with the certification process.
• Learn more about doing business with NIU.
• See the products and services NIU and other state universities are purchasing.

For questions, please contact:
Karen Baker, Procurement and Strategic Sourcing at 815-753-6017 or email klbaker@niu.edu


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Speaker: Cohen Barnes, Committee President

Feel like going for a jog on September 29th? Well how about a 10k run down Illinois’ best race course?

The Corn Classic is an amazing community event, run by volunteers from NIU athletes and alumni, as well as our residents of DeKalb. Watch our new video to learn all the different ways you can get involved, as well as all the cool events happening around and after the run.

And for further information, you can go to DeKalbCornClassic.org.


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