DCEDC hosted the Annual Dinner and State of the County dinner event on November 21st. Local business leaders gathered together to hear Paul Borek, DCEDC Executive Director, Cohen Barnes, DCEDC President, and Tim Suter, President of the Suter Company, talk about the economic development of the county and how to make the area thrive.

Borek was happy to report DeKalb County is on the verge of attracting developments of significant size and impact that could begin to transform our economy. Two potential projects in the City of DeKalb, one of a 1.2 million-square-foot food distribution center and 460,000-square-foot packaging center, and another of a knowledge-based company, will generate substantial investment, jobs, and tax revenue. Some of the other projects include: K&M Tire, an Ohio-based distributor of passenger, light truck, commercial truck, and farm tires, is relocating to the former 3M building in DeKalb. Tech-Weld of Elburn has contracted to purchase a building in the Sycamore Prairie Business Park to triple the size of its operation in Elburn. The Suter Co. is expanding its Bethany Road Facility in the Sycamore Prairie Business Park with a two-story office addition, its fifth expansion in the past 12 years. Seymour of Sycamore has begun construction of a 30, 000-square-foot addition to its headquarters and manufacturing plant in Sycamore.

Barnes expressed satisfaction and hope about the ongoing forward-thinking progress that is taking place throughout the county. As President of DCEDC, Barnes has been tasked with the organization spearheading the DeKalb County Thriving! Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy which consists of 5 Goals:

• Ensure DeKalb County has a talent pipeline meeting the needs of workers and employers.
• Identify and recruit target industries.
• Create a countywide business climate in DeKalb County that contributes to business success.
• Brand and promote the “DeKalb County Experience” that focuses on the county’s unique assets.
• Collaborate countywide to maximize the economic health of all communities in DeKalb County.

He also thanked DCEDC for its work on fostering business recruitment, collaboration, and expansion. He expected DCEDC, through its public and private partnerships, to act more vigorously in moving the communities throughout the county toward prosperity.

In his keynote speech, Tim Suter introduced how his company serves its employees. In his family-owned business of about 80 years’ history, he is committed to turning it into a place the employees love to work. Facing the biggest challenge of staying unique and innovative in the food processing business, the Suter Company focuses on its staff and finds strength in employees’ engagement and involvement.

This year’s event was highly successful, with more than 250 guests in attendance.  DCEDC is grateful for its members who generously sponsored the event.

To read the full article published in the Daily Chronicle click on the linkDCEDC Annual Dinner Coverage 11222019

Borek’s Report of 2019

Thumbs Up of 2019

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There is a large variety of shows with thousands of exhibitors each week at McCormick Place in Chicago, but for people who like to make things, the Fab Tech show held every other year is a one to be highlighted. Whether you are looking for new equipment, the latest techniques, expanding your business or (as in our case) investigating career paths and the size of the industry – Fab-Tech is a Must-See Event!

The latest in welding equipment from multi-function to specialized equipment is on display. Laser cutting systems and water jet cutting equipment abound. “Hands-on” displays that allow you to “try-out” the equipment along with technical instruction is available at nearly every booth. If the final finish is your forte, every imaginable technique is there for your observation.

Safety displays and equipment teach you to work safely within the industry. 3-D printing from the smallest to the largest is on display. Industry software is at every corner.

This year the students from the Kishwaukee Education Consortium’s Welding Classes attended Fab-Tech on Tuesday, November 12th. Rochelle Township started the school day at 5:30 am. Despite the early hour, all were present and ready for action. Lightsabers, pens, hats, money clips and carry bags made it onto the bus for the return trip, however, the most important thing was the WOW factor that the students felt. Equipment that they had only seen in magazines was on display. People from the “youtube” training video were there to talk to them. Techniques that they read about or saw a video on was operating for them to observe. To a person, they all thought that the time they invested in going to Fab-Tech was worthwhile and that they would go again.

On Thursday, November 14th Mr. Elliott’s Metals class from DeKalb High School attended the show. Once again, the bus left pretty early in order to endure the traffic of Chicago. Due to our attendance in previous years, we were invited to go to the “Student Summit” presented by SME to promote STEM, manufacturing and specifically the designing and fabrication industry.

The students were broken into teams, given projects, scored on each segment and competed against other teams from other schools. The DeKalb group was placed in the “A” group which had three challenges. Fly a UAV – design a propeller in “Soft Works” and build a DC motor driven by a nine-volt battery.

A UVA is an “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle” aka a drone. While one might view these as toys, however, they are widely used in civilian as well as military life. Some students never flew one and others had some experience. A licensed “pilot” was there to instruct and make sure things went smoothly. Getting all the team members through the exercise was just as important as being able to fly through the hoop and land. Talk about manual dexterity – whew!

Designing a functional propeller was the next challenge. Subject Matter Experts were available to help, but understanding design software was a big help. Following the instructions, design criteria and testing the efficiency in a software program were the scoring sources. The pictures above show the intensity of the work and the assistance available.

Finally, the last challenge was to build an operational DC motor. A reward for winning the competition was a $100 gift card for each member of the team. Below are pictures of this event.

Following the competition, the students entered the show floor and visited with vendors and exhibitors. The students were intrigued by the digital tubing benders because numerous fuel lines and exhaust pipes returned to DeKalb. Once again the students were excited by variety of careers that they saw and the equipment on display.

Due to the popularity of Fab-Tech, the 2021 show will be held in September.

Gene Fogle

Workforce Development Coordinator

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On Nov. 1st, the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce relocated their offices from the historic Nehring building, situated in downtown DeKalb as preparations are made for the impending relocation of the City of DeKalb operations into the historic downtown DeKalb building.

The DeKalb Chamber seized the opportunity to relocate a short distance away.  They are now housed in the upper level of the beautiful First Midwest Bank building, located at 130 W. Lincoln Highway, situated on the edge of downtown DeKalb and the Northern Illinois University campus.  First Midwest Bank has been a long-time community partner and always wanted to contribute more.

While the Chamber is focused on the revitalization of the downtown area and the collaboration with NIU, First Midwest Bank is pleased to join in the development endeavors.







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DCEDC’s strategic partner and longtime member, First Midwest Bank, is dedicated to building a caring and happy community.  Recently, Mike Cullen, Director of Regional Banking at FMB, has helped raise the funds for an inclusive playground at South Prairie Elementary School in Sycamore.  The playground is designed for both developmentally disabled children and small children 3 to 5 years old’s, adjacent to a playground for larger children. The new playground has a gate, a spongy surface and bodes many safety designs. It has become great fun for many children in the community.

The project cost $160,000.00 and was an idea hatched by Marijo Schwartz, early development coordinator for South Prairie Elementary School.  Cullen and First Midwest Bank started the project off and have been generously helping Schwartz by introducing the project to the foundations in the community through the past five years.

Cullen said he got involved because he felt the project was very meaningful.  First Midwest Bank is proud of doing such a project for the community.  DCEDC is also proud of having them as a devoted partner for DeKalb County, Illinois.












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The 2020 NIU All-Majors Internship and Job Fair is scheduled on Wednesday, Feb. 19th, from 10 am to 3 pm.

The Internship and Job Fair provides an opportunity for students from all majors to connect with employers for internships and full-time positions. The Internship and Job Fair is an important source for over 200 employers to find and hire new talent. It is free to attend for undergraduates, graduating seniors, graduate students, alumni, and non-NIU candidates from all majors.

For helpful tips to prepare to attend the Fair and a list of registered employers: visit www.gethired.niu.edu; email careerservices@niu.edu; or call (815) 753-1641.

We sincerely welcome and encourage all businesses far and near to take this opportunity to create your talent pipeline!

Employer Booth Registration:

Current NIU employer partners: log in to Huskies Get Hired (expedited registration)

New employers to NIU: log in to sign up and register.

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On Friday, December 6th, from 6 pm to 8 pm, the Genoa Area Chamber of Commerce will be sponsoring the “Celebrate the Season” community event.

It includes the 18th annual Jingle Bell Parade, Santa’s arrival, tree lighting ceremony, wagon rides, petting zoo, crafts and face painting for the kids, free pictures with Santa and candy canes, a coloring contest, letters to Santa at the library, shops open late with in store promotions, and window displays. Returning for their fourth year will also be a Merry Main Street Competition and Gingerbread House competition! There will also be a raffle inside of Heartland Bank during Celebrate the Season.

To reserve your vendor space, please call the Chamber office at 815-784-2212, no later than November 13th or email us at info@genoaareachamber.com.

To reserve a spot in the parade, please email or call the chamber at 815-784-2212, no later than November 25th.

If you have a raffle donation, please bring it to the Chamber office or to Heartland Bank by Monday, November 25th.

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Speaker: Brad Hoey, IHSA Destination DeKalb

High School playoff season is here, and the exciting finals will be right here at Huskie Stadium!

Watch as Brad Hoey explains how the IHSA playoffs will impact the DeKalb community.

Check out the video to lean more!

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Speaker: Marcus Cox, Transit Manager for City of DeKalb

The South region of DeKalb is now getting it’s own additional Huskie Bus route. Watch to see where it goes, when it’s in service, and other important information about the bus route’s arrival.

“In the Loop Video” keeps you updated on the local news!


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A high-level networking evening among business professionals and countywide stakeholders, the DeKalb County Economic Development Corp.’s 32nd annual Dinner and State of the County event, set for Thursday, Nov. 21st, at Faranda’s Banquet Center in DeKalb. We are honored to announce Tim Suter, President and CEO of The Suter Co. Inc. will be the featured speaker at this year’s event.

The Suter Co. Inc. provides innovative food solutions throughout the U.S. and Canada. As a Sycamore-based third-generation food processor, Suter will highlight factors that have contributed to the company’s success in his keynote address. Recently, Suter has completed a major addition to its production, packaging and distribution facility in the Sycamore Prairie Business Park, the fourth expansion in the past 10 years. Tim Suter and his 280 employees actively engage in the local community, providing countless volunteer hours and financial support to dozens of nonprofit and service organizations throughout DeKalb County.

The DCEDC is entering into the final stages of its 2019 fundraising campaign. As a public/private partnership working to facilitate sustainable and diversified economic growth in DeKalb County, DCEDC has been working vigorously to improve the economy of the county. Over the past 32 years since its establishment, five of the eight largest taxpayers and employers in the city of DeKalb and DeKalb County (3M, Target, Nestle, Panduit, and Goodyear) were attracted and expanded through the efforts of the DCEDC public/private partnership. The number of industrial parks in DeKalb County increased from 3 to 13, the size of the industrial market more than doubled from 7.3 million to more than 15 million square feet and nearly 15,000 jobs were created. This year, DCEDC is working with significant prospects of projects presently under consideration at the ChicagoWest Business Center in DeKalb.

Support economic development through the DCEDC fundraising campaign! Tax-deductible contributions to these aggressive economic development initiatives can be made at www.dcedc.org or by calling Karen Hoyle at 815-895-2711.

Annual Dinner Reservations are available online through Nov. 14 on the DCEDC website www.dcedc.org.


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Speaker: Marcus Cox, Transit Manager for City of DeKalb

A good news for the daily commuters and students going to Chicago!

Starting October 7th, there will be more daily routes between the Elburn Train Station and DeKalb. Watch to understand when and how you can find these expanded routes.


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