Bayer in Our Backyard

The DEKALB brand of hybrid seed corn, now owned by Bayer, one of the Fortune global 500 top companies, has rich history. Established as the DeKalb County Soil Improvement Association in 1912, it went through the transition, expansion and merger as the DeKalb County Agricultural Association (DeKalb Ag) in 1917, DeKalb AgResearch in 1968, DeKalb-Pfizer Genetics in 1982, DeKalb Plant Genetics in 1990, Monsanto in 1998 and Bayer in 2018. Now integrating with Bayer’s more than 350 R&D sites and over 175 breeding stations across the world, its legend continues with global innovation, exclusive genetics, superior performance and integrated solution to help farmers maximize yield potential.
The three Bayer Waterman facilities serve a key role in the development, quality and supply of Bayer seed products. They employ 112 people full time and another 300 contract workers seasonally to work at the Research Site, Production Site and Seed Technology Center in Waterman.
“Just as in the early days of DeKalb Ag, the DEKALB brand is still dedicated to making farming better and finding a way to improve yield results,” explained Camille Scott, Bayer Crop Science Research and Development (R & D) Communications. With the legacy passed on and the spirit honored, the story of the DEKALB brand is unfolding into an unpreceded future with Bayer!

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