Borek: Whiskey Acres event highlights value of branding

“Great whiskey isn’t made. It’s grown.” This is much more than a tagline, according to Whiskey Acres President Jamie Walter. It’s both a commitment and identity.

At DCEDC’s fall event Whiskey Acres Tour on Sept 11th, Walter addressed the audience and discussed the history of Whiskey Acres and the importance of their brand to production and marketing. The value of branding is to identify and communicate what makes you different. For Whiskey Acres, the distinction is that they are a farm and they grow everything used in their spirits onsite. They are an estate distillery. Few distilleries have that distinction.

Also, Walter offered suggestions to DCEDC as it considers a branding initiative as part of the DeKalb County Thriving! Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy. His advices include determining what DeKalb County wants to be, and who it wants to attract; do everything we can to improve and strengthen the Illinois and DeKalb County business climates.

DCEDC wants to thank Walter, Nagele and the skilled staff at Whiskey Acres Distilling for their generosity and sharing their inspiring insights on Branding!

Paul Borek’s article as published in the Daily Chronicle, can be found by clicking on the link-Whiskey Acres Event