Business Investment-DeKalb County Thriving! DCEDC’s Annual Dinner Event

DCEDC hosted the Annual Dinner and State of the County dinner event on November 21st. Local business leaders gathered together to hear Paul Borek, DCEDC Executive Director, Cohen Barnes, DCEDC President, and Tim Suter, President of the Suter Company, talk about the economic development of the county and how to make the area thrive.

Borek was happy to report DeKalb County is on the verge of attracting developments of significant size and impact that could begin to transform our economy. Two potential projects in the City of DeKalb, one of a 1.2 million-square-foot food distribution center and 460,000-square-foot packaging center, and another of a knowledge-based company, will generate substantial investment, jobs, and tax revenue. Some of the other projects include: K&M Tire, an Ohio-based distributor of passenger, light truck, commercial truck, and farm tires, is relocating to the former 3M building in DeKalb. Tech-Weld of Elburn has contracted to purchase a building in the Sycamore Prairie Business Park to triple the size of its operation in Elburn. The Suter Co. is expanding its Bethany Road Facility in the Sycamore Prairie Business Park with a two-story office addition, its fifth expansion in the past 12 years. Seymour of Sycamore has begun construction of a 30, 000-square-foot addition to its headquarters and manufacturing plant in Sycamore.

Barnes expressed satisfaction and hope about the ongoing forward-thinking progress that is taking place throughout the county. As President of DCEDC, Barnes has been tasked with the organization spearheading the DeKalb County Thriving! Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy which consists of 5 Goals:

• Ensure DeKalb County has a talent pipeline meeting the needs of workers and employers.
• Identify and recruit target industries.
• Create a countywide business climate in DeKalb County that contributes to business success.
• Brand and promote the “DeKalb County Experience” that focuses on the county’s unique assets.
• Collaborate countywide to maximize the economic health of all communities in DeKalb County.

He also thanked DCEDC for its work on fostering business recruitment, collaboration, and expansion. He expected DCEDC, through its public and private partnerships, to act more vigorously in moving the communities throughout the county toward prosperity.

In his keynote speech, Tim Suter introduced how his company serves its employees. In his family-owned business of about 80 years’ history, he is committed to turning it into a place the employees love to work. Facing the biggest challenge of staying unique and innovative in the food processing business, the Suter Company focuses on its staff and finds strength in employees’ engagement and involvement.

This year’s event was highly successful, with more than 250 guests in attendance.  DCEDC is grateful for its members who generously sponsored the event.

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