ComEd’s proposed substation approved by the DeKalb City Council

The DeKalb City Council gave their approval for a ComEd substation.  This substation is for the future Facebook DeKalb Data Center.  DeKalb City Manager, Bill Nicklas said during the City Council meeting Monday night that city staff was enthusiastically in support of the proposal.  The joint interest of ComEd and Facebook collaborating in making the facility would serve the plan and also the area well.

To read the full article published in the Daily Chronicle, written by Katie Finlon, click on the link City Council Approves ComEd Substation

Timely decisions are important to the projects and all that are involved. The City of DeKalb exemplifies what a friendly business climate should be to work with. ComEd’s ability to provide clean and renewable energy to the Data Center will enable this site to operate on 100% renewable energy.