Curran Group, Inc. Celebrates 100 Years

The Curran Group, Inc. is celebrating 100 years in business!  Curran Contracting Company, a division of the Curran Group, is a founding member of DCEDC.  We are very proud to share their milestone. A company built on strong core values with a diverse and sustainable business plan, resulting in 100 years of success.

The company’s roots trace back to the Ice and Coal delivery business in 1918.  In 1938, the company embarked on the road construction business in McHenry County, IL, hence the birth of Curran Contracting Company. Curran Contracting Company operates a plant in DeKalb, IL on County Farm Road.

Take a little time to watch their video where you will learn about their diversity and core values. The attached link will take you to their page where you can click on the video link title “Discover more-Watch our 100 Year Anniversary  Video”

Thank you Curran Group, Inc./Curran Contracting Company for your significant investment in DeKalb County, IL and the 31 years of supporting DCEDC.  We wish you another 100 years of continued success!