DCEDC 2019 Plans

During 2019, DCEDC’s business, government and institutional partners are kicking off two new initiatives to attract talent, innovation, investment and development to DeKalb County:

  • The relocation of DCEDC to visible new office space in the heart of the Sycamore Road commercial business district with easy access to Peace Road, and
  • Implementation of the goals and strategies of the DeKalb County Thriving! Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS Plan).

A new location and meeting space, together with energetic marketing, business recruitment and retention, and workforce development, will strengthen DCEDC’s leading role in the promotion of effective business and community development in DeKalb County.

DCEDC Office Space – A photo of DCEDC’s new location at 2179 Sycamore Road in DeKalb is enclosed for your information. It consists of 2,800 square feet of space including a large conference room for DCEDC committee meetings and business recruitment presentations.



DeKalb County CEDS Plan – More than 60 business and community leaders are defining and executing action plans to implement the five goals adopted by the CEDS Plan:

  • Ensuring DeKalb County has a talent pipeline that meets the needs of workers and employers;
  • Identifying and recruiting target industries;
  • Creating a business climate in DeKalb County that contributes to business success;
  • Branding and promoting the “DeKalb County Experience” focusing on the county’s unique assets; and
  • Collaborating county-wide to maximize the economic health of all communities.

We welcome your investment in these transformative initiatives and thank you for your tax-deductible contribution.



Paul J. Borek, Executive Director                               Bill Nicklas, Vice President – Development