DCEDC to conduct Business Expansion & Retention Visits

Business Expansion/Visitation Program

DCEDC is conducting a Business Retention/Expansion Visitation Program with the help of ComEd and the Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center (IMEC) designed to support local industry and to improve the business environment throughout the county.  Our goal is to learn what it will take to retain, nurture and expand DeKalb County businesses.  The program involves visits to local firms, where we will conduct interviews to identify concerns, needs and opportunities.  A proven survey tool will be used to organize information gathered.  Our specific objectives are to:

      1. Learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the local business environment.
      2. Identify and react to business expansion opportunities and retention threats.
      3. Communicate available business development resources.
      4. Enhance communication between businesses and local leaders.

All of the information shared, is considered strictly confidential. If you are interested in helping DCEDC or participating, please contact us at 815-895-2711, or by email to:  borek@dcedc.org or hoyle@dcedc.org.