DCEDC’s Industry Hiring Needs Online Survey is On the Way!

In October 2015, five organizations with a stake in the economic vitality of DeKalb County launched a process to develop a countywide economic development vision and priority activities for the region. These partners included DeKalb County Government, the DeKalb County Economic Development Corporation (DCEDC), the DeKalb County Community Foundation (DCCF), the DeKalb County Farm Bureau, and Northern Illinois University (NIU).

Building on this initial community visioning phase, the partners convened business and community leaders from throughout DeKalb County to create and implement a comprehensive economic development strategy or CEDS plan.

The Talent Pipeline sub-committee is charged with implementing Goal #1 of CEDS Plan: Ensure that DeKalb County has a talent pipeline that meets the needs of workers and employers.

This year the sub-committee is working vigorously to identify workforce challenges and opportunities in our market to create a Talent Pipeline Management Initiative that puts employers in the role of “end customers” of education and workforce partnerships.
At the beginning of June, they have launched a countywide online survey for industry hiring needs. With emails of survey links sent to most companies of the county, the survey is expected to target the talent supply and demand for critical industry occupations and sectors.
Every firm’s input will be needed and valued to help DCEDC better address the local business hiring needs!

You can click the link to participate in the survey: DeKalb County Industry Hiring Needs Survey
Or contact us if you have comments or questions:
Yiwei Jin—DCEDC Graduate Research Assistant
Phone: 815-895-2711 Email:yjin@dcedc.org
Paul Borek—DCEDC Executive Director
Phone: 815-895-2711 or 815-508-2427 (cell) Email: borek@dcedc.org

We kindly ask for the survey to be completed on, or before June 28th, 2019. The information provided will be kept confidential.
As a token of appreciation for participating in this valuable survey, DCEDC will conduct a drawing after the survey window closes for one lucky person to receive a complimentary reservation to attend the 2019 DCEDC Annual Dinner & State of the County event in the fall. The value of the reservation is equal to $125.00.