DeKalb County Business Incubator Opens

The DeKalb County Business Incubator was officially opened after a ribbon cutting ceremony held the evening of August 17th, 2016. Congressional, state, and local officials gathered to celebrate the opening of the incubator which will assist and support new entrepreneurs and small businesses with the challenges of startup. The space offers 15 offices and 27 cubicles for rent as well as other amenities and services, including conference rooms, high-speed internet, and other training and business support resources.

Robert Brown, the DeKalb County Economic Development Committee Chair, stated that the primary goal of the incubator is to “expand the local tax base as well as improve the local economy and quality of life by increasing the number of successful businesses and nonprofits, as well as ‘living wage’ jobs” within the county. He further noted that a “Business Incubator Advisory Board was appointed to review prospect applications, guide the operation of the incubator and provide business counseling.”

Applications are still be accepted for space in the incubator. Please visit the DeKalb County Business Incubator website for information.

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