DeKalb County Business-Whiskey Acres Distillery Restarts Production

DeKalb County Business-Whiskey Acres Restarts Production!

DCEDC is happy to share such terrific news during an unprecedented time of challenge.

After halting production last weekend due to a few changes in the federal regulations, Whiskey Acres has resumed making hand sanitizer for those in the front line. They’ve already distributed the first batch through the DeKalb County Health Department, to area hospitals, to first responders and other organizations in need. They’ll soon be able to distribute bottles to Hy-Vee as well. They are on track to produce 1,000 gallons per week, with the intention of expanding to 1,000 gallons per day.

Jamie Walters, CEO of the company, said they were very happy to supply the vital item to the community and even larger regions. In this way, they will be able to keep the business operational.

Whiskey Acre’s main ingredient in their Spirits is seed corn. Known for their tag line “Seed to Spirit” one may also think “Seed to Sanitizer” for an additional tag line.

This is a “Win-Win” for not only those in the front lines and consumers in need of this high demand product but for this successful business to remain profitable. An excellent example of diversifying your business plan and thinking outside the box.

Keep up the great work Whiskey Acres!

Read the article published in the Daily Chronicle