DeKalb County Economic Development Corporation Launches Opportunity Unbound Website

[March 4, 2022] Today marks 185 years since DeKalb County was founded and we are celebrating this milestone with a look to the future by launching the website The website is a resource for community members, visitors and current or new businesses to find everything they need to know about DeKalb County all in one place.

The website is uniquely designed to address the interests of our different target audiences. BUILD focuses on the most important information site selectors look for when identifying prospective locations. WORK provides information about job opportunities to attract a skilled and educated workforce. LIVE showcases all of the amazing aspects of living in DeKalb County to encourage young adults and families to plant roots. EXPERIENCE aims to bring visitors in to dine, see shows and attend events that will help grow our economy.

The Opportunity Unbound branding initiative is designed to attract talented workers, young professionals, and families to work and live in DeKalb County by Creating awareness of our local amenities, attractions, and communities. It is a communications platform to promote all that DeKalb County has to offer particularly, the lesser-known assets of the county, and to promote new initiatives.

Over the last two years, DeKalb County attracted $1.1 billion of investment in the development of 5.2 million square feet of industrial space and the creation of 1,850 jobs and we are only just beginning.

This development included the expansion of local industries like Custom Aluminum Products, Conserve FS, Innovative Growers Equipment, Proven Winners, The Suter Company, and Wehrli Custom Fabrication, as well as the attraction of new companies like Meta, formerly known as Facebook, Ferrara Candy, Syngenta and most recently Amazon.

The promotion of this success has generated more than 80 new development prospects, more than doubling the annual average, and ensuring a solid pipeline of new development for this and future years.

The DeKalb County Economic Development Corporation is a public/private partnership working to facilitate sustainable and diversified economic growth within DeKalb County, Illinois. For further information, contact Paul Borek at or phone: 815 895-2711. To learn more about DeKalb County visit