Van Drew: DeKalb County Enterprise Zone building materials savings benefit projects of all sizes

DeKalb County has welcomed significant development projects in recent years – an accomplishment to be celebrated by all – with many attracted by the existence of the DeKalb County Enterprise Zone.

While the enterprise zone offers numerous potential benefits, such as various abatements and credits, one notable incentive can be taken advantage of by all projects big and small, new and existing businesses: Illinois sales tax exemptions on qualified building materials.

Since its creation in 2016, businesses in all participating DeKalb County Enterprise Zone municipalities – Cortland, Genoa, DeKalb, Sandwich, Sycamore, and Waterman – have used the Building Materials Exemption Certificate (BMEC) incentive as part of their location within the zone. BMECs allow applicants working on enterprise zone projects to purchase qualified building materials at reduced costs, saving potentially thousands of dollars in construction costs.

Qualified building materials generally include any materials intended to be permanent fixtures in the project construction. These can include common construction materials such as lumber, cement and sheet metal; plumbing and heating systems; electrical systems; built-in appliances; permanent floor coverings; large computer server systems; and much more. The use of a BMEC relieves some of the construction costs via sales tax exemption for those materials, allowing for substantial project financial savings, especially important for our smaller businesses.

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