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DeKalb County Non-Profit Information

Give DeKalb County Eligible DCNP members have until April 1 to register.DCNP COVID-19 Resource Page Access localized resources and information along with strategies for nonprofit organizations. Read More >Policy Updates Stay up-to-date on public policy and governmental response to COVID-19 and learn how you can advocate for the nonprofit sector. Read More >

SBA Loans Nonprofit organizations affected by the COVID-19 virus may be eligible for low interest loans from the Small Business Administration. Learn More >

2-1-1 Organizations are encouraged to register for 2-1-1 so those in need are aware of the services you offer.

  • If you are already registered and want to update click here
  • For organizations who want to register click here

Family Service Agency

Send Your Information Today!

Coordination and communication are key in times of crisis. For the benefit of our most vulnerable in need of services, please send your organization’s information for this local resource being developed by the Family Service Agency. Information about services, updated hours, and how clients can get in touch with you may be sent to Questions can be directed to Family Service Agency.


DeKalb County Community Foundation

Although the DeKalb County Community Foundation’s office is currently closed to the public, our work continues. Staff are working remotely and are available to you! We are monitoring activities and listening to emerging needs throughout DeKalb County. Please contact us with questions, ideas, or concerns.