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Here in DeKalb County, Illinois, coming together to help our neighbors is something we have always done. As we consider how best to help our neighbors in the midst of this rapidly changing and unprecedented public health challenge, DeKalb County UNITES is focusing on one important part of our community: small businesses.

Small businesses are the heart of our local economy, employing most of our family members, friends, and neighbors. They are our gathering places for celebrations, product, and service providers to keep our businesses and homes operating and go-to donors for local events. In many ways, they are the glue that holds our community together. Today, they are struggling to stay afloat. They need our help now.


DeKalb County UNITES stands for

University and Neighbors Investing Together for Economic Success

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A core team of Northern Illinois University and DeKalb County business leaders are banding together to do all we can to support small businesses during this difficult time. We see lots of supportive activities happening around our towns; we are aggregating information about what others are doing, amplifying those messages to reach a wider audience, and adding to this information as new activities are developed and implemented.

​We are also working directly with small businesses to determine their current capacities and needs and trying to match those with the needs and opportunities available in the community. Finally, we are connecting small businesses with expertise to help them confront new financial and human resources challenges resulting from this pandemic.

​Right now, we need everyone in our community to think strategically about how you can direct your purchasing power to our small businesses. Please join us in supporting our small businesses today.

Small business owners can now join in for FREE Webinar Series.  Check it out as we all prepare for Getting Ready for Recovery.







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Join us for FREE Webinar Series


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