Egyptian Theatre set to undergo $4.5 million renovation project

Historic Egyptian Theatre is poised to begin a $4.5 million dollar renovation.

DCEDC, along with several other businesses and organizations have proudly showed support via penning letters of support of the historic theatre and the project.  An abundance of  community support has resulted in about $1 million from private donations, including an undisclosed amount from Holly actor and DeKalb native, Richard Jenkins along with a substantial donation by local businessman Steve Irving and his wife TJ.

A major component of the renovation project will be to install air conditioning in the 90-year-old Egyptian Theatre. “It is not just about comfort, Executive Director Alex Nerad said. It’s about maintaining an economic engine, sustainably, for the DeKalb region and beyond.”

Click on the attached link to read the full article,  written by Kelsey Rettke of Daily Chronicle Egyptian Theatre