ComEd’s parent company, Exelon, today announced the separation of its former power generation and competitive energy business.  This makes Exelon the nation’s largest fully-regulated utility company in the nation, with more than 10 million customers. Today, the separation was completed, and the two independent companies were launched. The separation renews ComEd’s focus on strengthening and modernizing our energy infrastructure to enable safe, reliable, clean, and affordable service for customers. It also advances our work to equitably expand economic opportunities in the local communities we serve.

With a new parent company structure, ComEd will continue to invest in critical local infrastructure and innovative technologies to stay ahead of our rapidly evolving industry, improve energy reliability and resilience, enhance safety and the customer experience, and transition to cleaner energy future.

ComEd has been a part of Exelon for more than 20 years, which has provided many benefits to our customers. It has allowed us to reduce costs through greater economies of scale, share best practices to improve performance and the customer experience, get assistance from other Exelon utilities when restoring power after storms, and collaborate to introduce new programs and technologies. This new era for Exelon bolsters these benefits: ComEd will continue to provide essential energy service for the customers and communities we serve and under current company leadership.

With the separation of Exelon, ComEd and its sister utilities will introduce new branding, including a new logo that customers will begin to see on their bills, our website and mobile app, trucks, and hardhats.

“While ComEd’s logo will change over time, we want to assure families and businesses in Chicago and northern Illinois that we are committed to being the trusted energy provider they’ve known for years. Our dedication to the communities we serve will only grow stronger,” said ComEd CEO Gil Quiniones. “Our purpose of powering a cleaner and brighter future for our customers and communities is unchanged, and we’ll continue our efforts to enhance reliability and the customer experience and further our commitment to our communities and to a cleaner energy future.”

You can learn more in the Exelon news release here