First Midwest Bank Helped Build A Inclusive Playground

DCEDC’s strategic partner and longtime member, First Midwest Bank, is dedicated to building a caring and happy community.  Recently, Mike Cullen, Director of Regional Banking at FMB, has helped raise the funds for an inclusive playground at South Prairie Elementary School in Sycamore.  The playground is designed for both developmentally disabled children and small children 3 to 5 years old’s, adjacent to a playground for larger children. The new playground has a gate, a spongy surface and bodes many safety designs. It has become great fun for many children in the community.

The project cost $160,000.00 and was an idea hatched by Marijo Schwartz, early development coordinator for South Prairie Elementary School.  Cullen and First Midwest Bank started the project off and have been generously helping Schwartz by introducing the project to the foundations in the community through the past five years.

Cullen said he got involved because he felt the project was very meaningful.  First Midwest Bank is proud of doing such a project for the community.  DCEDC is also proud of having them as a devoted partner for DeKalb County, Illinois.