Give DeKalb County 2022 Sets New Record!

Donors throughout DeKalb County and beyond contributed to the largest-ever Give DeKalb County by donating more than $

1.5 million in support of nonprofit organizations. This philanthropic event is coordinated by the DeKalb County Nonprofit Partnership (DCNP), which is a program of the DeKalb County Community Foundation. “Thank you to everyone who got involved in Give DeKalb County 2022,” said Ben Bingle Director of Grants and DCNP. “May 5 was an exhilarating day that showcased the impact of donor generosity as well as the importance of nonprofit organizations.”

Give DeKalb County reached new all-time highs with a record number of participating nonprofits, the Bonus Pool total, and grand total. This is the first year a donation was made from someone in all 50 states. “This year, 2,780 people made 7,626 donations and the Bonus Pool reached $186,000,” said Bingle. “The community spirit and outpouring of support from donors was remarkable and we appreciate everyone who participated in Give DeKalb County.” Donors gave by mail between April 21 and May 5 and online from midnight to midnight on May 5 at The fundraiser topped $1 million shortly after 5:00 p.m. on May 5. A Bonus Pool of funds boosted all online and mail-in donations.

GRAND TOTAL $1,579,859


Brian Reis, executive director of the Ellwood House Museum and Give DeKalb County committee chair, was excited by the results. “Whether it be education, environment, social services, or the arts, our nonprofits are giving back to the community every day. And, Give DeKalb County is a massive sign of support from the community. We are thankful to all the organizations and donors who make the day a success,” said Reis. A record number of Community Partners donated to the Bonus Pool and Media Sponsors helped raise awareness about this community-wide event by donating promotional support. A full list of Community Partners and Media Sponsors is available at