HR Forum-What employers need to know

Human Resources is where staff go to find the answers. You are always there for staff and management to answer their inquiries, address concerns, and to develop the policies and procedures to help ensure your company’s success. But who is there to help you? You deserve a place where you can go to share ideas, discuss challenges and find solutions. Being part of the IMA’s HR forum will provide you with the guidance and support to help you not only do your job well, but to provide you the tools to excel as an HR professional.

Join Scott Cruz, Labor and Employment attorney with IMA member Greensfelder, Hemker, & Gale, P.C. as he answers your HR related questions and discusses an array of legal issues affecting manufacturers, including the following:


·     Addressing “Quiet Quitting” in the Workplace

·     Wage and Hour Pitfall: Paying Year-End Bonuses to Non-Exempt Employees

·     New Proposed Independent Contractor Rule – Are you (or will you be) Misclassifying?

·     Can I Terminate an Employee Who Doesn’t Return After an FMLA Leave?

·     Should Arrests be Treated Differently Than Conviction Records in a Background Check?

·     Any Other Relevant Topic Manufacturers Need to Know

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HR Forum with IMA