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A centralized location for up-to-date COVID-19 news, information, tools, and resources to help you respond to business disruptions.


Complete with an Illinois manufacturing newsfeed, this page offers easy access to quick support and guidance like:

  • Illinois Manufacturing Helpline – You need quick, credible responses to urgent questions and concerns. Submit them to the helpline and an expert will address your concern in as little as one business day!
  • Manufacturing Leaders and Experts Forum – An opportunity to share best practices, ideas, and solutions with other leaders and experts who are experiencing and overcoming similar crisis-related challenges.
  • 10 Practical Things Manufacturers can do to Respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic – A checklist that helps you keep a pulse on the different areas of business you need to be concerned with right now to overcome the challenges brought on by COVID-19.
  • Supply Chain Planning Checklist – As the COVID-19 health crisis impacts global supply chains, IMEC is stressing the importance of having a plan in place prior to disruptions to your supply chain. This checklist can help your company react to and prepare for disruptions.
  • Supply Chain Preparedness Support – There are over 20 critical supplies needed to respond to COVID-19. If your company currently does or can quickly begin production, please let us know. This information will be shared with critical stakeholders such as US Department of Commerce, DCEO, and IMA.
  • Match with a Supplier –  For company experiencing supply chain disruptions and looking for suppliers to fill their needs.
  • Complimentary Webinars – The COVID-19 Response Webinar Series features sessions to help Illinois manufacturers address the challenges and concerns in this ever-changing situation. The featured topics are informed by questions submitted to the Illinois Manufacturing Helpline and feedback from manufacturers.
  • COVID-19 Blog Collection – Timely blogs related to the best ways to respond COVID-19, written by IMEC experts and industry partners. Topics range from supply chain planning, cybersecurity, employment law, marketing, safety practices, tips and highlights from the Illinois Manufacturing Helpline, and more!
  • COVID-19 Illinois Manufacturing Newsfeed – Updated hourly with the latest news from credible sources.

Webinar series

Upcoming Webinars

Developing a COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan
April 6  |  11:30 am – 12:00 pm
Session covering guidelines from CDC & OSHA to assist employers in preparing & implementing a Preparedness & Response Plan to address COVID-19.

Training Within Industry: The Need is NOW
April 7  |  11:30 am – 12:00 pm
Training Within Industry is a tool to capture standard work and quickly train staff for new roles and responsibilities.

Virtual Marketing During a Crisis
April 8  |  11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Discover how your company can adopt techniques to market your products virtually and remain in front of customers.

Staying Connected: Best Practices for Leaders
April 9  |  11:30 am – 12:00 pm
As your team adjusts to new work expectations due to the COVID-19 virus, hear tips to lead your team through the transition.

Changing Long-Term Goals Because of Short-Term Disruptions
April 16  |  11:30 am – 12:00 pm
Learn how challenging business situations can provide the perfect opportunity to plan and prepare for the future.

Continuity Planning in Uncertain Times
April 21  |  11:30 am – 12:00 pm
Even in the midst of change, companies can adjust their risk plan to prepare for business continuity.

Cybersecurity Webinar: Working From Home – Beware The Basics Of Information Security
April 22 | 9:00 am – 10:30 am
Model Technology Solutions and Alpine Security identify key steps to protect your company data from cyberthreats as more staff transition to work from home.

How to Lead Through Crisis
April 23 | 11:30 am – 12:15 pm
Leaders at every level of an organization can learn to use the 4 quadrants of the Time Management Matrix for current and future planning.

Getting Back to The New Normal
April 28  |  11:30 am – 12:00 pm
Leaders can help their team adapt to successfully lead a remote work team, even in the midst of new work processes.

Create a Secure Remote Work Environment
April 30  |  11:30 am – 12:00 pm
Session highlighting tips and tricks to successfully adopt a cybersecure remote work environment.

ICMYI: Download Past Webinars

COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Efforts – Part 1
Addresses issues and initiatives associated with effective risk mitigation efforts of the novel coronavirus/COVID-19

COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Efforts – Part 2
This session features effective risk mitigation efforts to protect your company, employees and customers based on recent developments and trends collected through the Illinois Manufacturing Helpline.

COVID-19 Preventative Sanitation & Decontamination Practices
Sharing daily tasks to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19, proactive steps you can take to further prevent exposure, and what to do if your facility is exposed to COVID-19.

COVID-19 & Cybersecurity: Remote Workers and Cyber Threats
Highlights steps you can take to proactively protect your company from cyberthreats with the increase of remote workers.

Supply Chain Challenges in a Time of Global Disruption
Learn about the current supply chain challenges and anticipated changes to future supply chain management.

Have a Little Fun with your Team!

Play the 5S Game with your team to learn how to use 4 of the 5 S’s to improve your productivity and quality! Click the video below for instructions.

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Insights from IMEC Experts

Get caught up on the latest IMEC Blog!

The New Supply Chain: Rebalance

Part 2 of the The Supply Chain Blog Series by manufacturing and supply chain expert, Mike Loquercio.
[Read more]

The New Supply Chain: Pandemic

Part 1 of “The New Supply Chain” blog series. We are facing an unprecedented event that will impact the global supply chain and all bets are off.
[Read more]

A Pandemic Shows How Organizations Can Change Faster Than They Think

The coronavirus has transformed our world virtually overnight. Companies have had to change on a dime how they operate and communicate.
[Read more]

Building Confidence and Loyalty During a Crisis

There are four key lessons from history that provide the backdrop for dozens of valuable tips that are totally relevant today.
[Read more]

Effective Communication Practices

Regardless of what is going on in the world and within our community, community leaders must to communicate effectively.
[Read more]

What’s Next? Preparing Employees for Rapid Increase in Production

During these days of rapid change and long isolation, it is easy to lose sight of the organization’s longer-term needs.
[Read more]

Stay in the Game While Working Remotely

Normally we think of health and safety in physical terms…exercise and diet. But, staying tuned-in mentally is important and it helps us “stay in the game.”
[Read more]

Department of Labor – Required Poster

The Department of Labor has issued a new poster for the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.
[Read more]

Remote Work Best Practices #1: OSHA Guidelines and COVID-19 Symptoms

It is our hope that some of these answers will save you precious time and assist with the challenges that you are facing.
[Read more]

Remote Work Best Practices #2: Unemployment and Remote Work

New unemployment laws and the switch to remote work environments can be tricky.
[Read more]

Remote Work Best Practices #3: Remote Work Policies

Part 3 of the Remote Work Best Practices series addresses concerns around creating  telecommuting policies.
[Read more]

How to Market to New Customers When Orders are Slow

There is a tendency to cut back on marketing activities when in tough or lean times.  In fact, the opposite should be the choice.
[Read more]

Short-Term Disruptions  a Catalyst for Innovation in Long-Term Growth Planning

Short term disruption not only disrupts and interrupts business, but also our thinking in how we do business.
[Read more]

Illinois Manufacturing Helpline Tip of the Day: COVID-19 Respirators

Are your employees wearing N95 filtering facepiece respirators to protect themselves?
[Read more]

Illinois Manufacturing Helpline Tip of the Day: Employee Safety During Stay at Home Order

If you do remain open, here are some recommendations to help keep employees safe while they are at work.
[Read more]

Illinois Manufacturing Helpline Tip of the Day: Essential Businesses and the “Stay at Home” Order

Is your business is essential and, if it isl, do you  have to require employees to come to work?
[Read more]

Pandemic in Cyberspace – Are You Prepared?

As we learn how to mitigate the risks associated with the COVID-19 spread, let us also turn our attention to, and with a great concerted effort, to mitigate the risk associated with our cyber and system security.
[Read more]

Mitigating Cybersecurity Risks During a Crisis

Some key vulnerabilities to a cyberattack are IT / OT infrastructure, digital information and (IoT) devices.
[Read more]

Mitigating Risk in Virtual World

Consideration of technology solutions as well as good business practice solutions will form a top tier risk mitigation strategy.all potential risks to an organization.
[Read more]

Telework Security Basics

With many changes happening at once, telework security could be an afterthought or completely overlooked.
[Read more]

Block out Eavesdroppers and Protect Your Privacy on Virtual Meetings

If virtual meetings are not set up correctly, former coworkers, disgruntled employees, or hackers might be able to eavesdrop.
[Read more]

As always, IMEC is proud to be a manufacturer’s source of information, solutions, and confidence for your community.

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Rebound with Confidence:
Adapting Your Business, Pricing & Management Strategies
Webinar Schedule for May 12 – 15

This week presents four webinars, each an opportunity to help Illinois manufacturers improve your business, financial and reopening strategies.  Join us to be able to confidently respond to these questions:

  • What adjustments can you make to your business strategy — now?
  • How can pricing impact your bottom line?
  • What skills do you need to manage change, helping your team move from uncertainty to accomplishment?
  • Based on trends in the industry, how are you prepared to recover?

Take 45 minutes each day to hear best practices that can prepare your company to rebound stronger than ever from this time of uncertainty.

Making Fast & Decisive Shifts in Your Operating Strategy
Tuesday, May 12  |  11:30am
Help your company reconnect with your markets, core products, and critical customers using tried and true models for adjusting your business strategy.

Pricing in a Crisis Webinar
Wednesday, May 13  |  11:30am
Discover how increases and decreases in price can complement traditional cost-cutting measures while delivering more to the bottom line.

Change Management: Breaking Through the Pandemic Fog
Thursday, May 14  |  11:30am
Equip your company with simple & flexible tools to effectively manage the changes of today, while clarifying your future process planning.

Recovery Readiness: Observations and Trends
Friday, May 15  |  11:30am
Cushman & Wakefield will share observations from the industrial market & anticipated trends for manufacturing, to help leaders prepare for what comes next.

Questions about any of the webinars? Contact Emily Lee at or 608.445.4905.

These webinars are proudly supported by:


May 2020 promised a full slate of webinars to assist Illinois Manufacturers as you rebound with a clear focus on meeting the needs of the market while serving your workforce and customer base.  View the complete May webinar lineup by visiting the IMEC Events page.


Recordings of all past webinars and resources are available on demand.  Visit the IMEC Coronavirus: News & Updates Page to download and listen to all of the past sessions.  Webinars are available in the topic areas of:

  • Operations
  • Workforce
  • Customer Engagement
  • Technology