Important Information from IMEC-Manufacturers!

IMEC Announces New Advanced Manufacturing Technology Services to Solve Productivity and Innovation Challenges for Small and Mid-Size Manufacturers in Illinois


IMEC seeks 80 small and mid-sized manufacturers to be part of an exclusive group to advance their Industry 4.0 adoption success. If selected, these companies will receive fully-funded technical support.

Peoria, IL – August 05, 2020: Preparing Illinois small and mid-sized manufacturers to rebound and recover more quickly from the pandemic, IMEC is seeking 80 companies to identify, adapt, and implement Industry 4.0 technologies – building core strengths that will enable them to rebound even stronger from the pandemic. The selected companies will receive:

  • Expert guidance through Industry 4.0 challenges
  • Business case for robotics and flexible automation technologies
  • Technology deployment roadmap and action plan
  • Vendor selection services to identify the right resources for their needs
  • Implementation and process services to equip the organization with adaptation
  • Overall project management to streamline projects- leading to quicker results

IMEC has been awarded funding to deploy Advanced Manufacturing Technology Services (AMTS) to small and mid-sized manufacturers (SMMs) in Illinois. The new funding will allow the organization to deliver Industry 4.0 service solutions to SMMs, which will result in improved product quality and innovation, improved process efficiencies, and increased supply chain connectivity.

Small and mid-size manufacturers have been in a tough position without the tools to innovate and improve productivity.  As a result of current events, manufacturers are trying to mitigate disruptions in their operations like Workforce Gaps, Productivity Loss, Declining Sales, Supply Chain Shortages, and Efficiency in Daily Processes.  Industry 4.0 technologies, such as AMTS, play a vital role to combat these challenges – from 3D Printing machines saving lives to robots being able to maintain operations while humans physically could not. Now is the perfect opportunity to help position small and mid-size manufacturers for business growth opportunities that can lead to global competitiveness.

“Small and mid-sized manufacturers are the heart of Illinois’ manufacturing industry and serve as a lifeline for our economy, yet they have not been equipped with the technology to help them excel through COVID-19 and beyond.  By utilizing the advancements of automation and Industry 4.0 in unison with their current operations, their increased productivity will be able to help them compete on a global stage.” – David Boulay, Ph.D. President – IMEC

The 80 chosen companies will use these grants to energize manufacturing productivity growth and innovation – serving as showcase companies leading the way for Illinois Manufacturing to rebound and recover to global competitiveness.

This program is funded through the U.S. Department of Commerce Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) through peer centers Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center and Purdue MEP. A collaborative series of virtual educational webinars are available to introduce these advanced technologies and show how they can ease the competitive pressures of today.

Interested in being selected as one of the 80 model companies for AMTS? Learn More and Apply!