It’s National Manufacturing Month

DCEDC is proud to support and promote our manufacturers! As we celebrate National Manufacturing Month, please let us know if your plant is hosting (physically or virtually) events and activities that are inspirational to the next generations of manufacturers, as well as your dedicated and hard-working employees.

DCEDC would like our manufacturing members to be the voice of individual manufacturers and coordinate a collective chorus in delivering the message of modern manufacturing.

During National Manufacturing Month, please share with us your company’s recent blogs, news, and social media posts about how you help your communities and future generations thrive so that we can promote them on our social media platforms.

DCEDC applauds all the manufacturers and associated groups, educational organizations, individuals, and pledges to continue to be a valuable resource to all.

Most importantly, please let us know if you have common concerns and challenges so that we can assist in identifying opportunities for you. Together, we can address collective challenges to help our DeKalb County communities, and the future generations thrive!

To participate, please contact Karen Hoyle by clicking and on this link- to participate with the subject line ” National Manufacturing Month” Thank you!