Kish nursing student JoEllen Kile wins 2020 Lifelong Learning Award

For her journey from secretary to mother to EMT to a nursing student, Kishwaukee College student JoEllen Kile was awarded the Illinois Community College Trustees Association’s (ICCTA) 2020 Lifelong Learning Award.  She was presented with the state-wide honor at this month’s Kishwaukee College Board of Trustee’s meeting.

In 2012, Kile had been out of high school for three decades. Her four children were grown and off pursuing their dreams. Kile decided it was time to pursue her own by enrolling at Kishwaukee College, even if that meant she didn’t have the appearance of a traditional college student.

Kile took on the training to become an emergency medical technician when she enrolled eight years ago. That work in the medical field became her passion and she quickly found a job working in the emergency room at Northwestern Medicine in DeKalb. In turn, the hospital has invested in allowing Kile to continue her education even further as she was accepted into the Kish Nursing Program and is now in her second term. Kile plans to continue to work in the emergency room and as a transplant nurse.

“Kish is proud to be an institution that promotes and supports lifelong learning,” said Kishwaukee College President Dr. Laurie Borowicz. “JoEllen is an example of how a person can continue to pursue their career goals, never letting their age be a barrier. We are proud of JoEllen and her success — in college and the workplace. She adds much to our community.”