Kishwaukee College to hold Community Listening Sessions

Kishwaukee College is in the process of building a strategic plan for the coming years. Kish is only as strong as the communities we serve. Therefore, they would like to hear from you! Kish will be hosting two community listening sessions. These sessions are an opportunity for you to hear what Kish is doing to build a strong strategic plan. More importantly, it is a chance to hear from community members.

Kish invites you to come share thoughts and ideas on the College’s Mission, Vision and Values as well as helping identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

Please click the link to view the session information –SP18 COMMUNITY LISTENING FLYER

Please plan on attending one of these sessions. Your input will help create and path and objectives of Kishwaukee College for years to come. Refreshments will be provided.  Questions can be directed to Michelle Ohlinger @ or 815-825-9324.