Kishwaukee College uses Federal and State Relief Funds to Support Students

During the regularly scheduled Kishwaukee College Board of Trustees meeting on Tuesday, April 13, the Board reviewed the Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds (HEERF) for the College. These funds are federal and state dollars provided to institutions of higher education, to be used for direct student support and College infrastructure in adjusting operations in response to the pandemic.

Since March 2020, the College has increased support, and removed barriers, to assist students with their financial challenges brought on by the pandemic. Support efforts include per-credit-hour COVID-19 Relief Support Payments to students, removal of payment plan enrollment fee, eliminated dropping of students from classes for non-payment, student debt forgiveness, expansion of the Textbook Loan Program, internet support with WIFI hotspots, Chromebook/laptop computer loan program, expansion of the food pantry, and emergency financial support through the Champions Fund.

Starting this summer, registered credit students will receive textbooks and their required digital course materials free from the College through the Textbook Loan Program.

To support a quality remote learning environment for students, the College has invested in technology and other resources to support faculty and staff in the virtual environment during the pandemic and moving forward.

For more information on the College’s response to COVID-19 and HEERF funding, please visit