New breast health center brings state-of-the-art equipment to County

DCEDC’s pivotal partner and one of the top employers in DeKalb County, Northwestern Medicine has been dedicated to advancing the health care services in the county. Oct 1st witnessed one of their important achievements in the area—-the opening of the $4.2 million Breast Health Center.

The 6,000 square-foot facility was completed after four months of construction and is located inside the hospital near the main entrance. The facility will help women in the county have access to more breast health technology in a more comfortable and private atmosphere.

Among the technology in the center are 3D mammogram machines and tools for whole breast ultrasound imaging, stereotactic biopsies and measuring bone density. All the tools help provide doctors with a clearer scan of the breast, which can help with early detection and subsequent treatment options or for preventative measures.

In August, Gov. JB Pritzker visited the site of the breast health center and signed a new law that will allow diagnostic mammograms to be covered by insurance, which lawmakers hope will encourage more women to get regular screenings without fear of not being able to afford follow-up tests.

“I think our job as caretakers is just really to be able to give those women all of the information they really need so that they’re not making the choice on fear alone,” Dr. Nitzet Velez said.

DCEDC and our Board of Directors appreciate the significant investments Northwestern Medicine continues to make in DeKalb County.