NIU, Kish and High Schools Partner in Program to Let Students Earn “2 Degrees in 3 Years”

The sophomores at DeKalb, Genoa-Kingston, Hiawatha, Indian Creek, Rochelle and Sycamore high schools can start taking college-level courses for more than 50 credit hours. Within 3 years after they graduate from high schools, they can earn both an associate and a bachelor’s degree at Kishwaukee College and Northern Illinois University, thanks to a program dubbed “2 Degrees in 3 Years”.

The program is a collaborative effort between Kishwaukee, Northern Illinois University and area school districts, with 650 students participating so far. Laurie Borowicz, president of Kishwaukee College, said the accelerated study program specifically encourages local high school students to pursue higher education close to home.

Jamie Craven, superintendent at DeKalb-based District 428, said, “We’re giving students the opportunity in a protected cocoon, if you will, to attempt that college work while they’re in high school.” “It’s important that we continue to work together to keep local talent local because a vibrant future for DeKalb County depends on our ability to attract and retain educated young adults who seek to raise their families and start their professional lives here,” said Lisa Freeman, president of NIU.