NIU Research Center Awarded $15M in State Funds

On February 12th, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker announced that he’s been awarded $500 million in the capital funding for the Discovery Partners Institute and the Illinois Innovation Network.  The fund earmarks $25 million for NIU’s Center for Community Sustainability (Northern Illinois Center for Community Sustainability, NICCS).

The Illinois Innovation Network consists of 15 research centers tapping on economic development and global issues through innovation and partnerships with local businesses, farmers and communities.  NICCS is a part of NIU’s new partnership with the Illinois Innovation Network.  Announced in October 2018, the $23 million dollars, 30,000 square-foot research facility is expected to be open by 2023, with construction to begin in 2021.

Northern Illinois University President, Dr. Lisa Freeman stated the mission of NICCS as creating locally-based innovative solutions focused on improving food systems and water resource management in a world facing shrinking natural resources, climate change, and increasing urbanization.

DCEDC wishes to congratulate our partner NIU.  We look forward to continuing our work together.  We strongly support this important initiative that will provide transformational opportunities for DeKalb County, Illinois.

Click here to read the article, as published by the Daily Chronicle.