Northern Illinois University announces partnership, plans for $23 million research facility on DeKalb, IL campus

On Tuesday, October 9th, a news conference was held at Barsema Alumni and Visitors Center, DeKalb, IL.  At the news conference, an announcement that NIU has joined the Illinois Innovation Network, in partnership with the University of Illinois system.

A state of the art facility on the far west end of campus will be erected.  Governor Rauner was on hand to speak, stating “NIU is one of the great research universities across America.”.  NIU President, Dr. Lisa Freeman said the building, dubbed the Northern Illinois Center for Community Sustainability, will feature cutting-edge laboratories, classrooms and collaborative spaces.

Technology and Innovation are tremendous factors in economic growth.  Northern Illinois University is an incredible partner for DeKalb County and the state of Illinois.

The Daily Chronicle’s reporter, Kelsey Rettke covered the news conference.  To read the full article, please click on the following link. NIU Announcement