OC Creative launches new Kish scholarship for students pursuing the arts

OC Creative of DeKalb has launched a new scholarship with the Kishwaukee College Foundation for students interested in pursuing a career in the creative arts. Students pursuing graphic design, marketing, advertising, videography, photography, writing, or other creative careers could be eligible for this $500 scholarship.

“Building up DeKalb County should include supporting students and their career aspirations. Sometimes all it takes is someone to see talent in you for that motivation to kick in,” said Brian Oster, Creative Director and President of OC Creative. “I can distinctly remember one teacher in high school providing that for me, and, looking back, I can see that’s when I first started on my creative path. The hope of all the OC team is to see creativity flourish — in students, in an organization’s marketing, and in our community.”

Applicants must be graduates of a high school in the Kishwaukee College district, have completed 24 credit hours, and achieved a minimum GPA of 3.0. Eligible applicants will also be asked to answer questions regarding career goals and what inspired them to pursue creative services and the arts. Portfolios of creative work are encouraged.

Scholarship applications for the OC Creative Scholarship, and other Foundation scholarships, will continue to be accepted through Wednesday, March 31. Students can apply by visiting www.kish.edu/kcfscholarships. For more information, contact the Kishwaukee College Foundation at 815-825-2952 or foundation@kish.edu.