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Kishwaukee College Adult Education Program – Spring 2016

Notice from the Adult Education Program:

“Due to the budget impasse in the state, funds available to support adult education programs are limited. As a result, the Kishwaukee College adult education program must undergo a reduction of services for the remainder of the fiscal year (through June 30, 2016).

At this time, there are no openings in classes for individuals not currently registered in the Kishwaukee College adult education program (individuals must have registered for and attended classes between July 1 and December 31, 2015).

If you know of individuals in need of adult education classes, please have them call our office, and we will add them to a waiting list. If a budget is passed at any point in the spring semester, the adult education program offerings will be revisited with the goal of providing additional classes.

We deeply regret the impact that the lack of a state budget has made in our ability to sustain the current level of educational opportunities and course offerings.”

Please view the provided materials from Kishwaukee College for more information:
Adult Education Self Study Resources
AETP Program Contacts



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