Results of DeKalb County UNITES Consumer Sentiment Survey and the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank Business Survey

Before DeKalb County entered Phase 3 of reopening, local grassroots organization, DEKALB County UNITES conducted a Consumer Sentiment Survey to learn about consumers’ behavior and preference change during the “Stay-at-Home” period.  It offers good insights for small businesses’ recovery when the county is taking steps to resume a new normal sense of life.  In the results of the survey which has 901 respondents, we can see that consumers take wearing a mask and social distancing as essential protective practices in outdoor activities.  The respondents support the local businesses keenly and are willing to pay a little more for unique products and services.  Pickup and drive-through offerings have become the most important way for them to dine out.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank conducted a business survey about the impact of COVID-19.  Among 420 businesses who have responded, we can see most have experienced a great decrease in profits and revenues, but over 60% continued their operations in the crisis.  They can tolerate a certain degree of social distancing while a certain portion of their employees has been telecommuting since the outbreak of COVID-19.

For more information, please read the two reports attached below.


CFSBC Covid-19 Survey Report for Illinois