Solid Homes in a Great Neighborhood at a Great Price

DCEDC Member, Southmoor Estates, manages affordable housing development on the south side of DeKalb and offers unique benefits to their customers through their smart approach. Made up entirely of manufactured homes, the development is recognizable for its well-maintained streets, neatly kept yards, and bright, solid built, one-story homes at 1032 S. Seventh Street. Incorporating some positive elements of retirement communities, Southmoor could integrate the economies of scale of manufactured homes and the concept of site renting to their move-in ready houses to maintain a good quality and a relative low price for homebuyers. In addition, they also boast for contracted yardwork and landscaping, neighborhood integrity, on-site management, in-house maintenance, a beautiful common room, family operation and close relationship among people built in community events.
Thanks to Southmoor for contributing to build a diversified and well-maintained community in DeKalb!
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