State of Illinois Announces $40M Grant to promote development ready sites

Are you looking for a development ready site?  Look no further than DeKalb County, IL.  DeKalb County offers robust competitive advantages.

Location and Transportation

Superior Performance & Profitable Operations

Communities Facilitate Speed to Market

Dynamic Education & Research Partnerships

Unlimited, Cost-Effective Bandwidth/Fiber

Sizeable & Talented Workforce

Manufacturing Hub with Access to Extensive Supplier Network

Culture of Innovation

Shovel-Ready Development Sites with Pre-Approved Incentive Policies

Productive Business Climate

Approved Illinois Enterprise Zone

Opportunity Unbound-Endless Opportunities to Live, Work, and Play

Home to Amazon, Ferrara Candy, Meta, Syngenta, IDEAL INDUSTRIES, Nestle, 3M, Target, Proven Winners, The Suter Company, Wehrli Custom Fabrication, Leeward Renewable Energy, LLC, and many more

Read the article here-State of Illinois annouces $40M Grant for Megasites

For more information, please contact Paul Borek, Executive Director-DeKalb County Enterprise Zone Administrator at 815-508-2427