Target Industries

Logistics, Warehousing and Distribution

Electrical/Electronics Assembly

High tech products
Avoid low skill, low-wage


Agriculture service business
Plant and biology
Life science companies
Research, engineering and laboratory facilities

Heavy Equipment Parts and Components

Supplier of CAT, Case, John Deere, etc.
Direct or indirect

Automotive Parts Components

Supplier of American and foreign automobile manufacturers

Packaging and Containers

Consumer products
Complimentary to Cushioneer, Tegrant, & Algus

Packaging Machinery

Graphic Arts

Graphic Design
Electronic Digital Products

Precision Products & Tools

CNC Machining
Manufacturing machinery
Tool & Die
Metals, ceramics, glass, and other high tech products of semi-skilled/skilled labor
Custom fabrication

Millwork and Building Materials

Support local construction/export to adjoining areas
Produce sales tax revenue
Provide entry-level employment opportunities


Value added, technology related products
Avoid low skills, low-wage
Provide long-term investment stability

Food Processing

Preference for direct/indirect markets for local crops and agribusiness products
Provide long-term investment stability


Inbound telephone customer service/sales tax generators
Full service & business class hotels
Truck fueling, maintenance & repair, in a functional location with adequate
Corporate headquarters, back office processing or customer service facilities
Research, engineering and laboratory facilities


General Merchandise
Furniture, appliances, and similar products
Automobile dealers
Lumber & hardware
Restaurants & Entertainment
Specialty retailers