The importance of Giving Tuesday

Why a is “Giving Tuesday” important to nonprofits?  As an organized 501c3 nonprofit, DCEDC relies on our contributors from the public and private sector year after year, to continue the work of our 31 year old organization.  Our mission is to attract diversified and sustainable economic growth within DeKalb County, Illinois. By doing so, the tax base is enhanced and new jobs are created. The tax-deductible donations that we are fortunate enough to receive allows us to do just this, all while working on new and aggressive initiatives each year.  in 2017, we began the process of a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy, or CEDS plan. This undertaking is no small feat.  We are extremely fortunate to have partners to collaborate with us on this important project.  Partners engaged in the critical planning faucet are Northern Illinois University​ Center for Governmental Studies DeKalb County Community Foundation (IL)​ DeKalb County Farm Bureau​ DeKalb County Government​. The outcome of this intensive planning process, titled DeKalb County Thriving! yielded 5 goals.  Goal #1-Ensure DeKalb County has a talent pipeline that meets the needs of workers and employers. Goal #2-Identify target industries. Goal #3- Create a countywide business climate in DeKalb County that contributes to business success. Goal #4- Brand and promote the “DeKalb County Experience” that focuses on the county’s unique assets. Goal #5-Collaborate countywide to maximize the economic health of all communities in DeKalb County. This would not have been possible without financial support and the many hours volunteered by the DCEDC Board of Directors, Community Partners, both public and private, the staff of Center for Governmental Studies at NIU and the staff of DCEDC!


DCEDC is a strong proponent of enhancing value and the quality of life within DeKalb County.  To learn more DeKalb County nonprofits, visit the DeKalb County Community Foundation’s website-DeKalb County Community Foundation


If you would like to help champion economic development in DeKalb County, please visit website at  Contribute to DCEDC and consider making a tax-deductible donation today.  To read the Daily Chronicle story, please click on the link-Giving Tuesday