The Suter Company, from Chicken Farms to a Major Food Company

A century ago, Charles Suter bought a farm in Palatine, IL, beginning his chicken and egg business. The year was 1925.

Today, The Suter Company is a third-generation business with Tim Suter as President.

The Suter Company is a prominent DeKalb County manufacturer.  The company employs 400 people. They produce shelf-stable snacks and lunch kits, fresh salads (chicken, tuna, egg, and seafood), dips and spreads.

Today, this company is represented in 25 different markets with major co-pack and private label partners.

Guess how many pounds of food products The Suter Company produces every year?  Read on to learn more about this locally owned-operated 100 year old company, which is a mainstay in DeKalb County.

Learn about the philanthropic activities by The Suter Company and their dedicated staff.

Thank you to the DeKalb County Farm Bureau for spotlighting this company.  DCEDC sincerely appreciates the significant investments made by The Suter Company, and their employees.

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